Personal Details

Doctor Name

Dr. Bharat Bhosale

Primary Specialty

Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy


9+ Years in Head, Neck, Breast, Gynecological Cancers

Education & Training

Medical Education


Practice Areas

Thoracic and Lung Cancers, Lymphoma & Leukemia


Dr Bharat Bhosale is a specialist in immunotherapy and targeted therapy, breast cancer, gynaecological cancer, head and neck cancer, leukaemia and Lymphoma, thoracic and lung cancer and gastrointestinal cancers. He is currently a medical and Hemato-oncologist consultant at Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Science and a visiting oncologist consultant at Jaslok and Fortis Raheja, Mumbai. He has also been a consultant at Tata Memorial Center. He actively participates in various cancer awareness programs in schools and colleges across Mumbai and Maharashtra. A member in some of the most reputed scientific societies like Indian Cooperative Oncology Network, Mumbai Hematology Group, European Society of Medical Oncology, American Society of Medical Clinical Oncology. He has also been a recipient of European Society Translational Research Fellowship & preceptorship at Singapore, Czech Republic, Vienna and has also been invited as the International speaker at UAE Cancer Congress.

Dr. Bharat is an Executive committee member of the Indian Society of Medical & Pediatric Oncology. He is also the section editor chief on head & neck cancers and immunotherapy for the Indian Journal of Medical and Pediatric Oncology.

He is also an avid music fan who loves to sing. When not in the hospital, you can find him singing and participating with orchestras from the medical community.


Director and Medical Oncologist Dr. Bharat Bhosale has been the winner of the Indian Achievers Award for the year 2022.

We’re with him in his mission of treating and supporting cancer patients and making a positive impact in the lives of cancer patients and caregivers.

Medical Oncologist Dr. Bharat Bhosale has been the winner of the Indian Achievers Award 2022