Personal Details
Doctor Name Dr Ashay Karpe
Primary Specialty Specialist in Blood and Bone Marrow Cancers
Experience 9+ Years in Gynaecological and Heamatological Malignancies
Education & Training
Medical Education MBBS, MD, DM, DNB, Ex Fellow Clinical Hematology
Practice Areas Solid Tumors, Lung and Genitourinary Cancer, Stem Cell Transplant


Dr. Ashay is a gold medalist in MBBS and Medical Oncology. He specializes in Solid Tumors, Breast and Gynaecological malignancies, Lung Cancer, and Stem Cell Transplants. He is currently a consultant hematologist and stem cell transplant physician at some of the leading hospitals like Global Hospital, Raheja Fortis, and a visiting consultant at Sterling Hospital, Vedant Hospital and Cardinal Gracias Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. He has published many research papers like, “Technically unresectable recurrent oral cancers: Is NACT the answer?”, “Rare Congenital Bleeding Disorders“, “Metronomic palliative chemotherapy in maxillary sinus tumour” to name a few and has also given presentations in the field of cancer research and treatment. 

Dr. Ashay also spends a lot of his time contributing to society by conducting medical treatment camps for people in rural areas of Maharashtra.