Chemotherapy day care centre in Mumbai

Chemotherapy day care centre in Mumbai

Chemotherapy given in an outpatient setting is known as a chemotherapy daycare. Chemotherapy day care Centre allows patients to go home the same day they receive chemo; this saves both time and resources for patients. It is one of the novel concepts in cancer care and Sunrise Oncology Centre is one of the first to understand its importance and make it accessible to cancer patients all around Mumbai.

Best chemotherapy day care Centre:

Sunrise’s Chemotherapy Day Care is Mumbai’s finest, most efficient, and well-equipped chemotherapy day care center, which provides chemotherapy that is at par with the world’s cancer-curing research and development. We aim to couple cutting-edge technology and treatments with a touch of humanity. At Sunrise Chemotherapy Day Care, patients can consult our staff of renowned and experienced medical oncologists, onco-nurses, pharmacists, pain and palliative care specialists, etc., which makes it easier for patients to clear out all their doubts and queries.

Features of Sunrise Chemotherapy Day Care:

● Experienced and Supportive Staff – Sunrise Chemotherapy Day Care is staffed with well-experienced doctors and specialists who will devise customized treatment plans that are specific to the patient rather than a plan for a specific cancer type. Our helpful doctors and supportive staff do their best to provide a homely environment and utmost care not just to the patients but to their family members as well.

● Time-saving – Depending upon the treatment plan devised by the doctor, each session of chemo may take between 1-8 hours. Patients may leave once the session is over. It saves a lot of time for time and it wouldn’t hamper the routine activities of the patients. We also make sure that patients or their caregivers don’t wait in long queues and complete complicated processes for admission and discharge, by making the procedures seamless and hassle-free. The caregivers can do all these procedures while the patient is in the session. After the session, the patient doesn’t have to stay overnight. They can go home and rest with their loved ones around them.

● Comfortable Setting – Sunrise Chemotherapy Day Care provides a treatment facility with spacious and comforting treatment and waiting areas. Patients are assigned a bed/recliner as soon as they walk in. The treatment and waiting areas are fully air-conditioned, hence, the family members can wait there without any hassle.

● Reduced risk of hospital-acquired infections – The drugs used in chemotherapy are designed in a way to kill rapidly growing cells since cancer cells grow rapidly. But, the drugs cannot differentiate between cancerous cells and other rapidly growing healthy cells. Due to this, many chemotherapy patients are immune-compromised. Despite infection control protocols, hospitals are associated with certain infection risks. However, Sunrise Chemotherapy Day Care only caters to chemotherapy patients and follows strict hygienic practices which causes a reduced risk of catching an infection.

● Fast Recovery – Many patients recover faster in the comfort of their homes and around their loved ones. Their company can positively impact the patient’s outlook toward their treatment and can help them manage their side effects and symptoms. This in turn would give the patient an optimistic outlook and make them recover faster.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Ashay Karpe

Specialist In Blood And Bone Marrow Cancer

Dr. Bharat Bhosale

Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy

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