Cancer doesn’t mean a death sentence

Cancer doesn’t mean a death sentence

Cancer doesn’t mean a death sentence!

Regardless of the advancement of medical sciences, our first thought when we hear someone known to us being diagnosed with the Big C is, how much time do they have left? But little do we know those common cancers such as breast cancer, prostate, cervical, thyroid cancer, melanoma, and others have more than 80 per cent of survivability. Because of medical advancement & constant ongoing research, once deadly diseases like cancer can now be cured.

Yet it seems like a far-fetched dream to cure the social stigma associated with the disease. Blame it on lack of awareness, or the deeply rooted perception about cancer in society. The fight against myths is more complex than the disease itself.

When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, it is important to understand that he or she has not been sentenced to death. The extensive research over decades by doctors & researchers has helped medical science in making big breakthroughs in terms of understanding the disease, lowering mortality rate and developing therapies that vary from patient to patient and type of cancer. It has helped save thousands of lives, including the lives of those who were in the last stage.

Although, there has been a significant increase in awareness about cancer & the journey of cancer survivors with the help of NGOs and social media. Yet, even today, a person diagnosed with cancer undergoes trauma of not just the disease but, even the social anxiety which is shed on them unknowingly. This leaves the patient wondering about life, one’s errant genes, and the things that might make them more stressed and anxious. Hence, it is true that cancer is a source of anxiety, not only for the patients but also for their families.

Therefore, the patients and caregivers need to get aware of various types of therapies and treatments, remain positive, strictly follow oncologists’ advice, and not stress out themselves over the words of people who do not know about the disease. And always remember that cancer does not mean a death sentence!

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