Cancer day care center

Cancer Day Care Center in Mumbai

What is a cancer day care center?

Cancer day care center is a place designed to look after cancer patients who are advised short therapies/procedures and do not require to stay at the hospitals. Such patients are given treatment at cancer day care centers, they are given treatment during the day after which they can go back to their house without having to stay overnight. 

Why is a cancer day care center important?

Due to growing cases of cancer and the need for timely treatment the importance of cancer day care centers is increasing day by day. One of the advantages of a cancer care center is that there are experienced oncologists, pediatric oncologist, hematologist, and pain and palliative care specialists, all staff-nurses, technicians, pharmacists, etc, which makes it helpful for patients to explain their problems and get their doubts cleared. Another advantage of a cancer day care center is the fact that it saves a lot of time and will not create a disruption in the patient’s daily routine, as admission and night stay can be avoided. Patients can go back to the comfort of their home after getting done with the treatment for the day. Staying close to loved ones, patients feel more happy and respond well to treatment, resulting in quick recovery.

Where can you find a good cancer day care center in Mumbai?

Sunrise Oncology Center has you covered. We provide cancer treatment that is at par with world’s cancer curing research and development in a clinical environment outside of a hospital setting for patients with all types of cancer. We offer complete cancer care, from diagnosis, treatment to survivorship, rehabilitation. Sunrise Oncology Center is staffed with renowned and experienced doctors, pain and palliative care experts, onco-nurses, pharmacists and trained support staff. Our helpful doctors and supportive staff do their best job to provide a homely environment not just for the patients but their family members as well. At a cancer day care center, patients do not need to stand in long queues and go through complicated processes for admission and discharge. We make sure that the patient’s treatment and all the registration, admission and discharge process is seamless and hassle-free. We make sure that patients with compromised immunity are less vulnerable to hospital-acquired infections, while getting treated at a cancer day care center close to their house, at the hands of some of the best oncologists in India.