Bone Cancer treatment in India

Bone Cancer treatment in India

Bone Cancer is a tumor that occurs in bones. Cancer that occurs directly in bones is called primary bone cancer while that spreads from other body parts and attacks bones are called secondary or metastatic bone cancer. However, bone cancers are rare and occur in 1% of the population in world. It is most prominent in young adults and children.

Causes and Risk Factors of Bone cancer

Researchers are not quite sure what causes bone cancer. But the most common cause of bone cancer is noticeable in people that have undergone –

  • Past Cancer Treatment – Bone cancer happens usually in patients that have experienced cancer treatments of radiation, stem cell transplants, or chemotherapy for past supplementary cancers.
  • Inherited Gene Condition – Diseases passed down through family histories such as Li-Fraumeni syndrome and retinoblastoma primarily called eye cancer are more vulnerable to getting bone cancer.
  • Paget’s disease of bone – This causes bones to get weakened and deformed. This happens when the normal cycle is disrupted in which old bone tissue is not replaced by new bone tissue. 

Symptoms of Bone Cancer

The signs and symptoms of bone cancer are very minor that are unnoticeable and painless. Doctors may detect it through x-rays if you visit the doctor for any other conditions. The most common symptoms of bone cancer which can only be witnessed at later stages are –

  • Pain at night
  • Unexplained swelling 
  • Fatigue or tiredness
  • Fever
  • Sweating at night
  • Weight loss
  • Weak and achy bones
  • Difficulty in walking

How Sunrise Oncology Center helps in providing treatment for Bone Cancer?

Bone Cancer treatment depends on the stages and type of cancer. Patients with bone cancer have to consult specialists including oncologists and orthopedic surgeons who treat bones and joints. Bone cancers are difficult to treat and therefore, it requires a combination of treatments depending on the severity and complexity of the cancer. The most common treatments included are –

  • Surgery – In surgery, your tumors are removed along with some surrounding healthy tissue so that cancer never returns. In some severe cases, an entire limb is removed to treat cancer. An artificial prosthetic limb can be used so that patients can get around more easily with replaceable mimicking functionality of the leg.

  • Radiation Therapy – This is effective in shrinking the tumors and is most often used before surgery to reduce the removal of body tissues while performing surgery. 

  • Chemotherapy – This type of treatment is used to kill cancer cells through medicine or drugs injected through veins. It is used to treat primary as well as metastatic cancer based on the patient’s symptoms. 

  • Targeted Therapy – It targets specific genes or proteins to destroy cancer cells in the body that helps in the spread of cancer.

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