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What after a cancer diagnosis?

What after a cancer diagnosis? “Besides cancer treatment, what really matters is their attitude towards their treatment. We have noticed that a positive attitude helps in better treatment outcomes.” Says Dr Ashay Karpe, Medical oncologist and haematologist at Sunrise oncology…

Top 10 myths about cancer, busted

In the year 2020, 94.1 per 100,000 men and 103.6 per 100,000 females are likely to be diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is a condition that is often believed to be the end-of-the-line. But it is myths like this and many…

Can diabetes make you more prone to cancer?

“In India lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity and hypertension are quite common and there is definitely a biological plausibility between these diseases and cancer. Because, when a person has diabetes, they definitely have insulin resistance and are generally obese, both…

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