Chemotherapy at Sunrise Oncology

We measure our success in our patients' progress

At Sunrise Oncology Centre, we ensure that our patients are given the treatment that’s right for them. Considered a top cancer care treatment in Mumbai, we involve them actively in making their choices and empower them with all that they need to stay strong during the course of the treatment – physically, mentally, emotionally. That’s where the concept of comprehensive cancer care including nutrition, psychology, pain management comes in.

And who best to support this than the caregivers, their pillars of support? We ensure we provide what it takes for the caregivers to give their best.


According to a report published by the WHO in 2020, India had around 11.67 lakh cases of cancer and 7.8 lakh deaths due to it in 2018. The number of deaths contributes to almost 20% of deaths caused due to all non-communicable diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, heart disease, etc. put together. At Sunrise, by providing comprehensive cancer care, we endeavour to give these people a fighting chance to live a quality life. We want to empower every person with cancer with the knowledge, motivation and medical support to positively look forward to defeating cancer.


We seek to reach our mission with our best-in-class services at all our centres mentored and led by our medical experts and duly supported by our able staff. We aim to make available the cutting-edge technology and treatments coupled with a human touch that’s essential to deliver a patient experience that can inspire other providers in the space.

Watch our Director, Girish Korde speak about the mission and vision for Sunrise Oncocare

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Ashay Karpe

Specialist In Blood And Bone Marrow Cancer

Dr. Bharat Bhosale

Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapy